This could have ended a lot worse

Road Rage at its finest.

Say you’re driving somewhere and someone cuts you off. Other than you (most likely) slamming on your brakes nothing happened. What do you do? Do you (A) Yell at them (even though they can’t hear you), make some annoyed/angry gestures and continue on your way OR (B) Wait until the other driver stops and attack him? MOST people just yell Read More

Deloreans available in 2017
Car News

Deloreans are the thing of the future….I mean past….whatever.

Most of us know what a DeLorean DMC 12 is because it was the car featured in the Back To The Future franchise. The Delorean Motor Company was started by John DeLorean in 1975. Long story short: John was arrested, went to jail and the company was gone. Ever since Back To The Future there has been a high demand Read More

The very lucky driver of this car escaped the carnage

Watch the driver of this vehicle narrowly escape (probably) death

The driver of this vehicle should play the lottery. Two trucks crashed which sent a third on straight at this vehicle. Lucky for the driver they narrowly missed having a giant truck hit them head on. Take a look at this video. It’s a little bit stressful to watch.

Stay Informed

Winter is officially here.

It seems that winter has officially found us and made up for the couple of easy months we have had. Hopefully everybody had a safe weekend. Here is an article we wrote a few months ago about driving in snowy weather and how to be prepared in case of an emergency.  Click here too check out the article.

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