Ghostbusters digital copy

Ghostbusters Digital Giveaway

January 27, 2017

Enter for your chance to win a digital copy of the movie Ghostbusters(2016). Entering this contest is both easy and free.

A valve cap
Stay Informed

Valve Caps: What You Need To Know

January 17, 2017

What is a valve cap? Does it really matter if they are on the car? In order to explain what a valve cap is, we first have to explain what a tire valve is. If you know how to put air in your tire, you  know what a valve is.

Car dealership commercial

The Ice Was Unkind To This Polar Bear

January 12, 2017

Here is a pretty funny video of some outtakes from a car dealership commercial. The commercial is for White Bear Mitsubishi in Minnesota. It’s a funny video but you can’t help feeling bad for the polar bear. Check out he video below.   

consumer reports Nexen tires number 10
Tire News

Consumer Reports Ranks Nexen Tires Number 10 On Global Tire List

January 5, 2017

Nexen Tires is hanging out with (and in some cases above) the big league tire companies. Consumer Reports has released a “tire brand report card” that places Nexen above some big names like Uniroyal and Bridgestone . This report card compared different types, brands and models of tires and scored them on a scale of 0-100. From Ultra High Performance tires to snow Read More

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