In the even of an emergency the cars headrest can be used to break the windows
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This Is A Great Tip To Remember

This is something that you would never think of in an emergency situation. It’s hard to program yourself not to panic. This is a good tip that you should keep in the back of your mind.   Check out for more tips  

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Tire Tip Tuesday 4-25-17

My boss told me to put up something new to #TireTipTuesday so…um…..don’t drive on flat tires or something like that.  

Win this $25 Atria's gift card

Win This $25 Atria’s Gift Card

We LOVE food. If you’re anything like us than you do too. How would you like a chance to win FREE food? Well then today is your lucky day because we are giving away this $25 gift card to Atria’s. 

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