The Steel City Time Machine paid a visit today
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The Steel City Time Machine Paid Us A Visit Today

July 5, 2016

Some times even a time machine needs new tires. Today the Steel City Time Machine paid us a visit. Apparently they DO need roads where they’re going and it needed a new set of MasterCraft Tires to get it to 88 MPH. We had a great time chatting and admiring the awesome time machine. If you want to see it Read More

This was an interesting thing to find in a tire
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Weirdest Object In A Tire

May 10, 2016

This was found in a tire today. This may be the new winner of the “Oddest Object Found In A Tire” award.  

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We Put New Tires On This Military Vehicle

May 2, 2016

Here at DK Tires & Service we get a lot of cars and big trucks. Some times we get rare and interesting vehicles. Last week we were lucky enough to put these new  STA tires on this 1952 Dodge M3. This vehicle was in service during the Korean War. Just imagine the stories it could tell….ya know….if it were a Read More

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