Ford develops a pothole detection system

Ford has developed a pothole detection system

Good ol’ Pittsburgh, home of the Penguins, Pirates, Steelers and oh yea you can’t forget the potholes. Avoiding and hitting a pothole is a daily occurrence here. Sometimes hitting a pothole means damage to you tire, wheel and possibly your suspension. It’s just a part of life, there is nothing that you can do about it, right? 

Ford says that there IS something that can be done about it and to make driving a little safer for everybody. Ford has developed a system that can detect a pothole and adjust the shocks accordingly. When the system “detects” the edge of a pothole it sends a signal to the “damper” which stiffens the suspension which compensates for the big pothole. 

The Ford Fusions Sport V6 is the only vehicle to offer this system but we have a feeling it will be making an appearance in other models (and other car brands) soon. Check out the short video below of the system in action.