Ford Doesn’t Want To Let Condensation Go To Waste

Make condensation into drinkable water

On a hot and humid day a person would (probably) crank up the AC while driving. When that happens moisture/water builds up on the on the outside of the AC compressor in the vehicle which usually has a spout or tube that directs the water on to the ground. Most people don’t really consider that a waste of resources. The people at Ford certainly do.

Access to clean water is, in some places, considered a luxury. It is something that a lot of us take for granted. Ford wants to do something about that. Basically, what they are trying to turn waste in to drinkable water. How? Well, they want to take the water that ┬ánormally drops on to the road and filter it into drinkable water with a “faucet” in the front area of the vehicle. Below is a short video explaining how and why they are doing it. What do you think, Good idea or bad idea?