Happy National Dog Day
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Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day! Since it’s such a hot day today take your furry family member out for a vanilla cone.

Map of the USA
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50 Strange US Traffic Laws

Have you ever look at a street and thought “Wow, this road looks comfy. I think I’ll nap here”? How do you go about parking your pet elephant? There are laws for those odd subjects and quite a few more. Check out 50 odd laws for 50 states. You might get a giggle out of it. Alabama Driving blindfolded is Read More

Downtown Pittsburgh
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16 Signs That You Grew Up In Pittsburgh

This is a neat article we came across the other day. It’s 16 facts that you grew up as a Pittsburgh Kid. It’s funny and somewhat true. You bleed black and gold Heinz Ketchup is the ONLY ketchup It’s POP NOT SODA We think that it’s safe to say that this article is pretty accurate. You can find the complete Read More

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