New Power Wheels Mustangs For 2016

Check out the new Power Wheels

What features do most people hope for to be standard in a vehicle? Traction Control? Check. Auxiliary port? Check? Big Speakers? Check. LED Touch Screen? You got it! All of these features are included in the 2016 Ford Mustang POWER WHEELS!! 

That’s right, now kids can get a little closer to driving the real thing. The new 2016 Mustang Power Wheels not only have the largest speaker ever put in a PW vehicle it does a little more than just put through some awesome engine sounds. It can also play music.

It also has a new feature called Smart Drive which detects any wheels that may be slipping or spinning faster than the others so it can cut the power to prevent injuries. That is a great feature that should be standard in all new PW vehicles.  Check out the video below of the Mustang in action. Seriously, look at those kids go!