Tesla vs Dodge

Dodge vs Tesla

Check out this drag race between a Dodge Charger and a Tesla. And a second race between the same Tesla and a Dodge Challenger.

Ken Block is at it again

Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE

What do you get when you combine Ken Block, a speeding train, a helicopter and a draw bridge? You get Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE: Raw Industrial Playground! Ken Block lets loose in an industrial park doing some things that would seem impossible. He even takes on a speeding train. Check the video out below.

Tim Allen vs Jay Leno

New Car Vs Old Car – Jay Leno Vs Tim Allen

Tim Allen brings in an awesome 1955 Ford Club Coupe. Jay Leno brings a…..Toyota Camry? Yep old vs new. It’s a long video but  the action starts at around 5:11. Check out the video, you might be surprised.   

This stop motion Nascar race took roughly 60 hours to complete

Check Out This Nascar Race Done Completely In Stop Motion

This Nascar Race is probably the toughest out there because it’s filled with tons of obstacles and track changes. We should also mention that  it is completely done using “Stop Motion”. Stop Motion is neat to watch but it is incredibly time consuming. The author of the video claims that it took over 60 HOURS to complete. It’s kind of Read More

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