This tire was still being driven on while it was flat

Hello Drag Strip; Goodbye Differential

Ssssoooooo this little pick up wanted to take a shot on the drag strip. His differential didn’t feel the same way about the race seeing as it exploded. It’s a pretty cool video.

7 second Lamborghini Huracan
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Instead Of A 10 Second Car How About A 7 Second Car?

A 10 second car. What is a 10 second car? A 10 second car is a car that can go a quarter of a mile in…well…..10 seconds. Perhaps you remember the scene from the Fast And The Furious where Brain tells Dom he owes him a 10 second car. What’s better than a 10 second car? How about a 7 Read More

Fernando Alonso Crash

Fernando Alonso Austrailian F1 Crash

Sunday March 20th 2016 Fernando Alonso is driving for Team McLaren in the Australian F1 Grand Prix. On lap 17 Alonso clipped the car driven by Esteban Gutierrez causing him to roll and flip. Amazingly enough Alonso walked out of the (what was at one time) car with barely a scratch. Check out the video below. You can find additional videos here Read More

Ken Block let's loose in Dubai

Ken Block Gets Unleashed In Dubai

This is a pretty awesome video. From drag races to stunts this video has everything an Adrenalin junkie could ask for. This may be Ken’s best yet but we’ll let you decide. What did you guys think of it?

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