Michelin has provided some great tips for driving on snow
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Do I REALLY need snow tires?

Are snow tires really necessary? We went over snow tires in our Winter Is Coming article but in case you missed it let’s talk a little about the subject. The answer to this question all depends on where you drive. If you drive somewhere where you will frequently encounter snowy/icy roads then YES you should equip your vehicle with snow tires. Read More

A tire filled with slime
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Tire Sealant Products: How Reliable Are They?

Have you ever found yourself wandering around the automotive section of a store and you come across a few cans of Fix A Flat on the shelf? Have you ever wondered what is was for or if it works? Here is a little bit of information based on our personal experience with it and similar tire sealant products.  First things first, Read More

A bubble in the sidewall of a tire
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All About Sidewall Bubbles

One subject that we never really “tackled” in this website is the notorious sidewall bubble. They are fairly common yet a lot of people don’t know where they come from or even what they are. To start we’re going to show you a picture of a sidewall bubble: Please keep in mind that most bubbles aren’t nearly THAT bad/big but Read More

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