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May 3, 2010 The management and staff at DK Tires and Service are as courteous and economically conscientious as a consumer could expect from a much larger company. The knowledge in all aspects of tire repair, replacement,and fleet service is unprecedented in such a compact service department. The only thing between you and the road is the rubber you ride on. Therefore; the safety of the customers and those who share the road with us all are first and foremost in DK Tires and Service daily responsibilities to the industry and our common welfare.These are just some of the traits that were left behind after many dealings with DK Tires and Service. It seems to me that integrity is lost when expansion and quota become all that a company can offer.They take the time and include all experience that it takes to get it done right the first time so we all walk away with more than a new or repaired tire.We walk away with piece of mind and a renewed respect of a job well done.