Michelin has provided some great tips for driving on snow
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Do I REALLY need snow tires?

Are snow tires really necessary? We went over snow tires in our Winter Is Coming article but in case you missed it let’s talk a little about the subject. The answer to this question all depends on where you drive. If you drive somewhere where you will frequently encounter snowy/icy roads then YES you should equip your vehicle with snow tires. Read More

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Brace your vehicle winter is coming

  As much as we don’t want to think about it….Winter IS on it’s way. Winter in Pittsburgh means snowy roads. To prepare your vehicle for the winter there are a few things you should do: Make sure your vehicle can get around with SNOW TIRES Check your Battery and Charging System Make sure to check your Coolant Levels and if Read More

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4 Reasons Why You Want Monitor Your Tire Pressure

If you have a car that was made after 2007 then the chances are good that your vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System of some sort. If your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS than you probably either love it because it’s convenient to know when/if the pressure is low OR you hate it because it is Read More

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Bridgestone Is Recalling Almost 3000 Tires

Bridgestone Americas is recalling 2 different tires due to inconsitant manufacturing. They have said that  “an abundance of caution, BATO has initiated this voluntary recall of approximately 2,900 tires.”. This recall affects: Firestone FR710 in sizes 205/65R16 Champion Fuel Fighters in sizes 205/65R15 and 205/65R16 There tires were manufactureed between March 27,2016 and April 9, 2016. Bridgestone will be contacting those Read More

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