testing tires on an ice rink
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How to test snow tires

What is the best way to test how well all weather tires stop on icy roads? On an ice rink of course! And in BMWs no less. Check out this video testing tires Article via Popular Mechanics

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SPOILER ALERT! Yokohama to put spoilers on tires.

It sounds weird right? Spoilers on a tire. I bet you’re picturing something like this: Yokohama has been toying around with tire aerodynamics since 2010. In 2012 they developed a way to improve aerodynamics bu putting “fin-shaped protuberances” on the inner sidewall of the tires to reduce the drag. This will make the tires more fuel efficient among other things. Read More

A company is working on having to replace tires due to puncture a thing of the past.
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Self healing tires? Heck yes!

It sounds like something out of a science fiction book. Tires that heal themselves and are as good as new. That may be something you see sometime in the near future. Scientists in Germany are coming up with a way for that to be possible. When normal tires are made the rubber goes through the process of “Vulcanizing”  which not only Read More

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Goodbye Flats Hello Airless Tires…..Maybe

Hankook Tires has had a NPT (non pneumatic tire) in the works since 2011. The iFlex is actually the 5th version of Hankooks attempt at “airless tires” Click “Read More” to continue to the article.

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