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Please Don’t Text And Drive

We really can’t stress this point enough, 1.6 million crashes occur each year due to cell phone usage while driving. For every 4 of those crashes 1 is due to texting while driving. 11 teenagers die EVER DAY as a result of texting and driving. Protect your life and the lives of others on the road. Don’t text and drive. Read More

A car made just for dogs

Nissan Came Up With A “Dog Friendly” Car

Dog owners: Do you buy a car to fit your dog or did you buy a dog that would fit in your car? Can you imagine trying to fit a full grown Mastiff into a Smart car? That would certainly be a sight. Nissan is trying to remedy that problem though. They have built a car specifically for your furry Read More

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When Race Cars Fly

We’ve all seen races where a car has crashed and sometimes they airborne. Over at Donutmedia’s¬†youtube page they created a compilation of airborne race cars. Please note that these aren’t exactly “happy occasions” but the video does give some cool insights to the safety equipment built into these cars exactly for these type of situations. Check out the video below. Read More

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